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Used Compressed Air Equipment

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All of our Used Compressed Air Equipment are 100% OEM compatible and are formulated to achieve the best possible results in each application.

Certified Pre-Owned Air Compressors

by Worthington Compressor Services “Center of Excellence”



Some things just never get old–like our Worthington Compressor Services Certified Pre-Owned air compressors. The reason is because only well-maintained, premium model air compressors make the cut. That's why when you purchase one, you can be more than confident it'll perform.

When you’re looking for an affordable alternative to buying new, but you don’t want to give up the reliability and durability of a brand new compressor, certified pre-owned air compressors are a great solution. Although used, certified pre-owned air compressors have been brought back to a like-new condition, giving them the performance and reliability of brand new. However, because they’ve been reworked from the ground up certified pre-owned air compressors are offered at drastically lower prices. At Worthington Compressor Services, we offer many makes and models to suit nearly every need.


Some of the options we offer include:



Lubricated Rotary Screw; Reciprocating; Centrifugal; Oil Free Rotary Screw

One of the benefits to being a leader in the industry is our large and ever-changing inventory. Not only do we have a number of remanufactured air compressors in stock at any given time, but we constantly have opportunities to obtain and remanufacture additional ones. By calling us, you can access high-quality compressed air equipment at your choice of price-points, saving yourself money without giving up reliability and performance. Each certified pre-owned air compressor is inspected and reworked in our shops by certified service technicians.


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