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Blowers and Vacuums

SPECO SoParts now offers a great selection of superior quality vacuum pumps and blowers. These vacuum pumps cover a wide performance range of dry running and oil-lubricated rotary vane technology while blowers on hand include regenerative, rotary lobe, and centrifugal ones best for use in virtually any application.

Our environment-friendly dry running vane pumps are ideal to operate in vacuum, pressure, and combination (pressure & vacuum) applications. These economical, user- and maintenance-friendly pumps feature low noise level and a safe & reliable process. Also available are highly reliable oil lubricated rotary vane pumps that generates deep vacuum and features fast pull-down times, long life with proper maintenance, and can be “dead headed.” Both vacuum pump designs meet requirements of the following industries:

  • Chemical
  • Environmental
  • Food & Beverages
  • Medical,
  • Print & Paper
  • Plastics
  • Wood working,
  • Glass
  • Ceramics

SoParts also showcases regenerative, rotary lobe, and centrifugal blowers that have robust designs allowing maximum efficiency and easy maintenance. The blowers’ ability to function in both pressure and vacuum allows coverage of many applications. With all features and benefits, competitive pricing is placed offering these blowers at significant savings.


Regenerative Blowers, Rotary Lobe Blowers,
and Centrifugal Blowers


Dry Running Vacuum Pumps and
Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pumps

All of our Blowers and Vacuums are 100% OEM compatible and are formulated to achieve the best possible results in each application.
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