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Kaeser Sigma 8000 S-680 Oil Replacement - 1 Gallon


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Kaeser Sigma 8000 S-680 Oil Replacement - 1 Gallon
All of our eBay are 100% OEM compatible and are formulated to achieve the best possible results in each application.
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Our Kaeser Sigma 8000 S-680 lubricant is a combination of the highest quality PAO (polyalphaolefin) base stocks and advanced additivetechnology.  This oil is suggested for rotary screw, centrifugal, and reciprocating compressors and offer many advantages over petroleum-based lubricants and many synthetics - especially where compatibility is an important concern. 


�� Low pour points

�� High viscosity indices

�� Excellent water demulsibility.


�� Rotary screw and vane compressors

�� Small reciprocating compressors

�� Ball and roller bearings

�� Low temperature lubrication

�� High temperature lubrication

�� General lubrication for applications requiring an ISO 68 lubricant


ISO Grade                                               68                             


   @ 40�C, cSt                                         66.2                         

   @ 100�C, cSt                                      9.81                         

   @ 100�F, SUS                                     337                          

   @ 210�F, SUS                                     59.5                         

Viscosity Index                                   132                          

Specific Gravity,                                 0.8611                        

Density, lbs. /gal                               7.172                      

Flash Point, �F (�C)                            521(270)              

Pour Point, �F (�C)                              -43(-41)                 

Autoignition Temp., �F (�C)          745 (394)             

Emulsion                                                 40/40/0                

Tendency                                              20 Mins.