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Mobil Glygoyle 22 Oil Replacement - 1 Gallon


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Mobil Glygoyle 22 Oil Replacement - 1 Gallon
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Our Mobil Glygoyle 22 synthetic lubricant is blended from polyglycol-based products for use in natural gas rotary screw compressors. The resistance to thinning out by hydrocarbon dilution permits this lubricant to maintain the proper viscosity which in turn extends drain intervals and your compressor parts life.  This unique blend is specifically treated with rust and corrosion inhibitors, oxidation control agents, anti-wear compounds, and hydrogen sulfide inhibitors.


ISO Grade                                        150                                                                                                           


 @ 40°C, cSt                                    147

 @ 100°C, cSt                                 27.7

 @ 100°F, SUS                                747

 @ 210°F, SUS                                137

 Viscosity Index                           227

Pour Point, °F (°C)                       -47 (-47)                                  

Density, g/ml, 60°F                   1.0487

 @100°F                                            1.0327

 @185°F                                            0.9937

Flash Point, °F (°C)            505 (267)