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Mobil Polyrex EM OEM - Case (QTY 10 - 14oz Tubes)


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Mobil Polyrex EM OEM - Case (QTY 10 - 14oz Tubes)
All of our eBay are 100% OEM compatible and are formulated to achieve the best possible results in each application.
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Our Mobil Polyrex EM is a semi-synthetic ISO 150 polyurea grease specially formulated for use in rolling element anti-friction bearings operating under extreme temperatures. The organic polyurea thickener contains no metal ions which act as catalysts for oxidation. This special grease was designed with special antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors to prolong the life of rolling bearings operating under severe temperature and high humidity. The widened service temperature range of -22ºF to 320ºF and high speed factor of 500,000 nDm makes this the ideal lubricating grease for electric motor bearings designed to be lubricated for life.



NLGI Grade                                                            2

Color                                                                        Beige

Texture                                                                     Homogenous

Base Oil                                                                  Synthetic hydrocarbon/mineral oil

Base Oil Properties                                              ASTM D 446

Viscosity at 40ºC cSt                                            160

Viscosity at 100ºC cSt                                          19

Viscosity Index                                                      125

Thickener Type                                                      Polyurea

Density at 20ºC (g/cm³)                                      0.89

Service Temperature                                          -21ºF to 322ºF

Drop Point                                                             ASTM D 2265 >250ºC(481ºF)

Penetration                                                           ASTM D 217

Worked                                                                   60 ds 264-294

Oil Separation                                                       ASTM D 6183 <5

4-Ball Wear                                                           ASTM D 2266 0.51 mm, 0.54 mm

Weld load                                                              160 kg

Corrosion Preventative Properties                  ASTM D 1743 pass

Corrosion Preventative Properties                  EMCOR - ASTM D 6138 1

Copper Corrosion                                               ASTM D 4048 1a