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Petro-Canada RCF-1000 Oil Replacement - 1 Gallon


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Petro-Canada RCF-1000 Oil Replacement - 1 Gallon
All of our eBay are 100% OEM compatible and are formulated to achieve the best possible results in each application.
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Our Petro-Canada RFC-1000 synthetic blend lubricant is a premium blend of synthetic and petroleum base fluids specially designed for compressor environments and is useful in multi-purpose applications and gas and steam turbine applications. Formulated from the highest quality base stocks then treated with rust and corrosion inhibitors, oxidation control agents, anti-wear compounds and defoamants this oil is exceptional at controlling sludge and deposits. 


ISO Grade                        68                                                                


 @ 40ºC, cSt                    63.5                             

 @ 100ºC, cSt                  8.34                             

 @ 100ºF, SUS                330                              

 @ 210ºF, SUS                54.5                             

Viscosity Index                99                                                                                                          

Pour Point, ºF                 -26                            

                (ºC)                (-32)                                                           

Flash Point, ºF               481                              

                 (ºC)              (251)                                                                                                     

Emulsion                        42/38/0                     

Tendency                       (20 mins.)                                                                                                                               

Four Ball Wear                0.51                             

Test, mm1200 rpm,

167ºF, 40 kg