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Thermal Valves

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All of our Thermal Valves are 100% OEM compatible and are formulated to achieve the best possible results in each application.

Thermal valves in compressors are thermostats for oil. At startup the thermal valve bypass remains open. The thermal valve bypass allows the oil to cycle through the air compressor without going through the cooler. The reason for the bypass is to allow the oil to get up to temperature as quickly as possible. Each thermal valve is pre-set to open at a specified temperature. For example, a 160 degree thermal valve will allow the oil in the machine to bypass the cooler and cycle directly back into the air end until it reaches temperature. Once the oil has reached 160 degrees, the bypass closes and the thermal valve allows the oil to travel through the oil cooler.

Maintaining your thermal valve is extremely important to protect your machine. If the thermal valve is not working properly, the oil will overheat and eventually shut down your compressor. If oil exceeds its maximum temperature, it will reduce its life significantly.